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Healthcare Solutions Fact Sheet

Healthcare Solutions

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Mind Assessment Analytics Methodology

Mind Assessment Analytics Methodology

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CoreTechs Advanced Analytics Platform Fact Sheet

CoreTechs Analytics Platform

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Population Health Management Fact Sheet

Medicaid Population Health Management

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Moneyball and Analytics: Modern Healthcare's Guide to Predictive Analytics

For too long the U.S. healthcare system has fostered an interesting dichotomy: constant innovation, yet no real change.

This is now changing.

By leveraging the power of prediction, healthcare providers are improving patient care, reducing costs, and serving their communities in new ways.

You will learn:

  • Trends driving healthcare innovation and digital transformation
  • How analytics fuels data-driven decisions
  • 5 steps to building a predictive analytics business case and strategy
  • 5 ways leading providers are using predictive analytics to drive better health outcomes [use cases]

Use Cases

Hospital Data Mart Consolidation

Hospital Data Mart Consolidation. Large integrated health system.

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Fact Sheets

Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Fact Sheet

Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Fact Sheet


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