Leverage actionable insights from advanced analytics, rapidly implemented across the healthcare enterprise

Simplify implementation of advanced analytics using native cloud technologies with machine learning to lower cost of healthcare delivery and improve quality of care. Implementations in 90 days and at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.


Predict reimbursements from commercial and CMS risk-based contracts, utilizing predictive analytics.


Improve financial and operational performance through the delivery of actionable insights across the payer value chain.


One of the refreshing experiences in our engagement with Gray Matter Analytics was their collaborative approach that included knowledge transfer at the core of their engagement. The focus on knowledge transfer allowed us to take their work and execute on their solution, without any hiccups.


Gray Matter Analytics provides breakthrough evidence-based insights that ensure healthcare organizations are predicting reimbursements while simultaneously managing costs and improving quality of care.

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Customer Spotlight

We work with a number of valued customers:

Kaiser Permanente
Carolinas HealthCare System
Boncura Health Solutions


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