We Connect Data To Analytics Strategy Outcomes


We're the first cloud-native healthcare solution developer. We have no ties to legacy systems, and no entrenched ways of thinking. So, our clients enjoy:

  • Rapid solution development

  • Fastest time-to-value available

  • Highest levels of security possible

Analytics driven advantage.

Using our Mind Assessment management solution methodology, we build analytics use cases that capture value, seize opportunities and avoid costly project mistakes. 

With a clear strategy, we achieve buy-in from the front lines to the executive suite.

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Mind Assessment analytics and management solution methodology
Healthcare analaytics solutions

Better decisions, better outcomes.

We transform your organization’s value with solutions designed to work across populations and individual levels. We build competitive advantage through deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions.


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Business intelligence, at scale

Our Analytics as a Service cloud platform manages healthcare's digital transformation with:

  • Rapid analytics deployment and scalability

  • Advanced IT capabilities - machine learning and predictive analytics

  • Lower IT cost

  • Enhanced data privacy and security


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CoreTechs advanced analytics platform

New eBook Available


Moneyball and Analytics: Modern Healthcare's Guide to Predictive Analytics.

Our new eBook explains how organizations are using big data to transform health information into health intelligence.

For too long the U.S. healthcare system has fostered an interesting dichotomy: constant innovation, yet no real change.

This is now changing. By leveraging the power of prediction, healthcare providers are improving patient care, reducing costs, and serving their communities in new ways.


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