Embrace data analytics as a standard component of your daily decision-making routine

CoreTechs® Solutions

A portfolio of Analytics as a Service solutions focused on clinical, operational and financial performance management and patient-level analytics to help providers meet their performance goals and deliver better care to their patients.

One source of truth

One source of truth

Bring together data from siloed, structured, and unstructured data sources to establish "one source of truth" for performance and patient insights across all care sites.

Analytics as a service

Respond to change and quickly scale a native cloud solution that automates the manual processes of managing quality metrics.

Accelerate data-insight 

Accelerate data-insight time-to-value

Utilize cost-effective, pre-built algorithms and experience benefits from advanced analytics in 90 days versus years.

CoreTechs® MeasuresLibrary™

CoreTechs® MeasuresLibrary™ delivers comprehensive insights into clinical, financial and operational performance.

The MeasuresLibrary™ brings visibility into organizational performance with drill-down capability into key categories, such as facility, department, post-acute care provider, physician, condition, population and even individual patients. 

Sample measures available per category include:

Quality outcomes

Quality measures (readmissions, mortality, outlier ALOS) and safety metrics (medication error rate, HAI core measures).

Financial measures

Financial measures including financial impact (net revenue increase, average days in AR, nursing productivity) efficiency and cost (resource utilization, cost per patient day).

Operational measures

Operational measures including clinical process (ER wait time, aspirin delivery, physician engagement) and experience (physician satisfaction, patient access index).

CoreTechs® MeasuresLibrary™ brings a full spectrum of performance analytics, including descriptive trends and risk adjustment, predictive forecasting for future performance, patient risk stratification and actionable insights for risk mitigation. 

Organizational Needs

Gray Matter Analytics' CoreTechs® solutions enable healthcare executives to:

Proactive vs. Reactive Approach

Adopt a proactive vs. reactive approach

Conduct multivariate analytics to be proactive in adjusting business processes and cost to manage and comply with risk-based contracts.

Leveraging Data

Leverage data and analytics to support business and clinical decisions

Optimize future financial, clinical and operational performance through advanced analytics across all levels of organization from C-Suite to network providers to individual patients

Utilizing Business Intelligence

Utilize operational and clinical analytics on a routine basis

Monitor intertwined financial, operational and clinical analytics including labor, pharmacy, length of stay, and overall cost of care.

GMA Genius® Assessment

The GMA Genius® Assessment provides a ‘quick scan’ over a duration of 30-45 days that deploys a limited CoreTechs® Analytics solution for a targeted subset of Hospital Compare/Star Rating/other measurements to drive actionable insights to future clients, to enable quick platform onboarding and to provide immediate high-impact opportunities.

The Assessment identifies an effective mix of qualitative and quantitative data that is readily available, to identify critical gaps and develop a use case that takes specific measures to analyze on our CoreTechs® platform. The goal of the assessment is to determine essential drivers that have a significant impact on measures and provide meaningful insights to leverage high-impact opportunities.

The Assessment develops a prioritized roadmap that enables deeper factor analysis (internal and external), greater regulatory and marketing positioning, and quickly finds opportunities to execute steps in parallel, optimizing time, budget and ROI.

CoreTechs® Analytics Provider Solutions

Population Navigator

With Population Navigator: Users can define their own cohorts for clinical goal setting, tracking over time, intervention, etc. Identified groups can be used across CoreTechs® Dynamic VBC Analytics modules. Payors and providers can resolve risk-adjusted factor (RAF) opportunities by identifying people who have not had a qualifying encounter in the last 18 months but show risk attributes. Patients and members can be referred to care management or social assistance programs they need.

Value-Based Contract Management

With Contract Management: Users have a consolidated area to monitor important performance indicators for value-based contracts. Providers can track performance on measures and medical spend specific to the terms of each value-based contract, and monitor performance on Total Incentive Pool and achievement on Incentive Pool Allocation for each value-based contract. Payors and providers can understand the overall financial performance for each contract and across contracts.

Readmissions Management

We deliver the full spectrum of readmissions-focused analytics, including organizational performance dashboards, physician and network analytics and patient-level risk stratification and recommendations for interventions to mitigate penalties and to improve outcomes of care. 

Patient Risk-Stratified Analytics

Our CoreTechs® platform give physicians and clinical teams the ability to proactively manage high-risk, high-cost patients by providing 360˚visibility into clinical, financial and sociodemographic insights with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes through more targeted care delivery. 

Provider Advisory Services

Gray Matter maximizes the value of our
CoreTechs® solutions by providing strategic and operational advisory services to providers. Our experience in both the provider and payer markets adds value to these advisory services.

Solution Deployment

We believe that effective deployment of new analytics solutions requires operational and strategic support to help organizations maximize their returns from new analytics capabilities. We help organizations optimize the benefits of CoreTechs® through advisory services, incluidng onboarding and training, workflow integration, program design and implementation. 


Solution Operationalization

We provide support services once the CoreTechs® solution is deployed. These services are designed to help providers effectively operationalize the CoreTechs® solution and embed insights in their workflow to maximize value.  

Strategic Alignment

Once the CoreTechs® solution has been deployed, it is vital that the strategic goals of the organization are aligned enterprise-wide. By leveraging the insights from CoreTechs®, providers are assured that data and analytics are key to achieving performance goals.  

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