the power of data to enhance patient care and manage financial performance

Gray Matter’s Analytics Solutions improve quality and reduce costs in line with your value-based care goals.

Maximize Your Potential with Gray Matter’s Analytics Solutions

Enhance support for community health

Deliver the care people need, when they need it. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive picture, including social determinants of health, demographic and community health data. Use insights from CoreTechs® to strategically and sustainably improve the health of high-value patient subgroups and communities and report to grant funders, charitable investors and other partners.

Improve healthcare quality

Understand progress toward quality and utilization targets. Then design and implement quality performance programs aligned to strategic goals for identified cohorts. Improve intervention effectiveness, patient health and satisfaction. Achieve key metrics using data-driven insights that can be integrated into provider workflows.

Enable efficient, effective care delivery

Design patient lists and reports based on noncompliance, demographics and gaps in care. Quickly identify areas for improvement, optimize care delivery and reduce waste with comprehensive data and actionable insights. Informed by data on and medical spend for populations at risk and those exhibiting high utilization, negotiate and manage value-based contracts with payors.

Drive collaboration between payors and providers

Share data, analytics and insights to drive better care at a lower cost. Access a consolidated view of utilization, quality and cost-of-care measures to inform network management and physician decisions. Highlight trends in measure performance and prioritize measures to focus on areas that need course-correction. View open gaps in care by payor contract.

Reap financial benefits

Identify and drill down into cost-saving opportunities related to in- and out-of-network utilization, avoidable utilization, appropriate site of care usage and more. Understand medical spend for population cohorts, identify cost of care across practices, and compare practice and provider cost performance.

Assess processes to adapt to ensure alignment with the value-based care goals.

CoreTechs® Solution

Elevate healthcare outcomes with secure analytics solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Empower decision-making with contract-level insights – uncover hidden value, prioritize revenue-generating opportunities and mitigate potential risks.

Value-based Contract Insights for Providers

  • Measures performance tracking: View and monitor contract performance to quickly identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.
  • Contract-specific analytics: View data, including patient demographics, clinical outcomes and financial data, in the context of performance metrics.
  • Customizable dashboards: Create dashboards that provide a clear and concise view of contract measures to easily monitor and analyze performance.
  • Reporting and export functionality: Easily export key data to effectively communicate performance to stakeholders.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigate our platform with ease to quickly access the information your need to improve performance.

Drill down into practices and providers to identify cost-reduction potential and optimize network utilization across the care continuum.

Provider Insights from Gray Matter Analytics

  • HEDIS measure tracking: View and monitor HEDIS measure performance in near real-time to identify areas for intervention, improvement and adjustment. (CoreTechs® is not a HEDIS reporting solution.)
  • KPIs and trend views: Understand performance and cost-of-care trends to inform outreach, intervention and service delivery.
  • Goal tracking and benchmarking: Set performance goals and compare performance against industry benchmarks to measure progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Identifying risk: Cite gaps in care, missing diagnosis codes and likelihood to develop chronic conditions for outreach, correction of risk-adjusted factor scores and early intervention.
  • Alerts and notifications: Schedule alerts and notifications to stay on top of performance issues and trigger actions to address them.
  • Historical performance analysis: Use historical data to identify patterns and trends in HEDIS measure performance over time and inform future performance goals and strategies.
Prevent and manage health risks with data-driven insights. Target high-risk populations, understand contributing factors and prioritize interventions.

Population Insights for Providers

  • Data integration: Seamlessly integrate and analyze data from multiple sources, including electronic health records, claims data, demographic information and social determinants of health.
  • Population health management: Track and manage population health at the individual, group and population levels, then target interventions and resources to those who need it most.
  • Secure data sharing: Seamlessly collaborate with care providers and other stakeholders, including payors, hospitals and community-based organizations.
  • Patient-level insights: Gain a comprehensive view of a patient’s health status, including medical history, risk factors and lifestyle practices.
  • Predictive analytics: Use advanced analytics to identify high-risk patients before they require costly interventions, such as emergency room visits or hospital admissions.
  • Machine learning and AI: CoreTechs® uses AI to curate and optimize patient outreach based on financial performance​, risk mitigation​ and potential for contract performance improvement.

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AHIP 2023 Affiliate Organization Member
DCHA Associate Member
Association for Community Affiliated Plans

I’ve looked at several different tools, and CoreTechs® is the only one that brings in social determinants of health, contract management and population insights — everything we need to be able to manage contract and follow our patients to see where they are slipping through the cracks.

AllHealth Network

Gray Matter showed us how we could reduce manual referrals and accelerate care for patients with machine learning that identifies patients who require a referral based on clinical conditions and eligibility information.

Novant Health

Based on the reputation of the management team at Gray Matter Analytics and their ability to demonstrate their understanding of physician performance/value-based care, we decided to become their first CoreTechs® customer. The proof of concept is continuing, and we have very high expectations on the results.

Henry Ford Health System

CoreTechs® brought to the surface chronic conditions like diabetes that we had not coded. From that, we learned how to capture and document risk-adjusted factors for shared savings contracts and patient enrollment in disease management programs.

Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

We were at a loss for why our members were seeing providers outside of our network. Gray Matter gave us the analytic tools to understand who would seek an external specialist, when and why. We learned the best points along the care continuum to intervene and even the dollars at risk for each member’s out-of-network choice.

Novant Health

Gray Matter Analytics developed models to help us predict members at risk of postpartum depression so we could proactively offer behavioral health services and take better care of our moms and their families while reducing costs.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Data-driven insights from CoreTechs® guided physician education, code capture, patient outreach and pre-visit planning to help us meet the quality, care and cost expectations of the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

Our team was stretched thin. Gray Matter became our advanced analytics partner and helped us with important work with analytical models and capabilities in CoreTechs® that would have taken years for us to develop on our own.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

A lot of times there’s a disconnect between the provider and the payor. With Gray Matter Analytics, we’re looking at the same data.

AllHealth Network