February 8, 2021

Core of the Matter – February 2021

Tanya Travers

Company Update

By Sheila Talton

Advancing analytics to improve the patient journey

The past year was a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to keep our team safe and protected, we made the decision to have the team work remotely through the end of the year. We navigated the new challenges that the pandemic brought, and quickly responded to the needs of our customers by accelerating the development of new solutions.

We successfully signed 12 new engagements with existing and new clients focused on Advisory Services, Proof of Concept High-Value Use Cases and Analytics as a Service Subscriptions. We also added new analytics solutions to our product suite: Member Retention Analytics, Behavioral Health Analytics and Value-Based Care Analytics. These complement our existing solutions that include Provider Performance, Network Management, Patient Access, Avoidable Utilization, Chronic Disease Management and Infectious Disease Management.

We continue to meet our clients where they are on their data and analytics journey. We bring advanced analytics to healthcare organizations that don’t have this capability, or accelerate an organization’s analytics capabilities with our pre-built analytics solutions. In addition, we are able to support keeping data secure by deploying our solutions in the client’s commercial cloud environment.

We continue to add highly qualified professionals to our Gray Matter team and focus on our core values, especially as we continue to work remotely. We are grateful for the successes we experienced in the unique environment in 2020, and we look forward to a positive latter half of 2021, once the storm is mainly behind us.

Last but not least, we’d like to wish you all a safe, prosperous and healthy 2021.