Harness analytic insights fueled by native-cloud technologies and advanced machine learning 

Our Technology

Combining the on-demand benefits of cloud computing with the knowledge empowerment of data analytics, our healthcare analytics solutions enable healthcare organizations to quickly access insights around their evolving business needs. Our easy-to-implement, workflow embeddable solutions drive better outcomes and sustainable healthcare systems through:


Accelerated financial, operational and clinical benefits. 
Why wait months for results?


Flexible, adaptive approaches to new care models and patient-centric services.

Cost Effective Approach

The most cost-effective approach to advanced analytics capabilities.

CoreTechs® Analytics Platform

CoreTechs® Analytics as a Service

Our CoreTechs® Product is a subscription-based Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offering, composed of our advanced cloud-native Platform and Analytics Solutions that integrate data from across siloed sources to deliver analytic insights for healthcare organizations.

Through our integrated Advisory Services, we support clients to enhance their data and analytics capabilities, and work collaboratively to accelerate the deployment of high-value analytics solutions, delivering data-driven insights and realizing value across the care continuum.​

We transform ingested data into useful population health and value-based care insights, These insights are presented through dashboards/reports, predictive insights, APIs, workflow integrations and operational support.

CoreTechs® advanced analytics capabilities leverages machine learning to provide predictive and prescriptive insights, patient risk stratification, cluster analytics and financial performance predictions.

CoreTechs® Product Features

Leverages cloud-native technology and automation for data analytics management capabilities and processing

Supports interoperability standards for aggregation across multiple systems and data sources

Utilizes machine learning and advanced algorithms that "learn" data record linkage and data quality monitoring

Automates planning, measurement, and process tracking to achieve key objectives in less time with fewer resources


Use Your Own Cloud

Your cloud is used as an analytics storefront to help eliminate redundant solutions, lower costs, and keep your valuable data in-house, instead of shipping it off to vendors.

Enterprise-Wide Dynamic Analytics

Unlike other point-to-point solutions, we use a standardized, enterprise-wide approach, so you can quickly deploy and scale your healthcare analytics solutions.

CoreTechs® provides the foundation to power transformational healthcare apps and services. Flexible frameworks are designed to quickly scale with changes in healthcare regulation, operations, and technology. Secure standard protocols accommodate enterprise strength information privacy and encryption.

Analytics as a Service

Cost effective, pre-built components accelerate data-insight time-to-value. Benefits to advanced analytics are seen in weeks, not months. Out of the box data connectors, models, and visualization tools offer fast workflow integration.

Source Neutral

The CoreTechs® platform ingests data from disparate sources and standardize data to provide meaningful insights from integrated clinical, financial and operational information. CoreTechs® is complimentary and configurable to work alongside existing healthcare technology environments.

Timely Implementation

You don’t have to wait six months (or more) for actionable insights—because by then, they are retrospective! Instead, Gray Matter delivers healthcare analytics solutions in 90 days.

Customer First

Transparency is key when it comes to establishing a partnership. We provide costs upfront, with a clear understanding of what you’re investing in.

End-to-End Approach to Analytics Solutions

CoreTechs® utilizes an end-to-end approach. This begins with data ingestion to the delivery of targeted financial, operational and clinical predictive insights and recommendations, supported by wraparound advisory services that optimize performance beyond solution implementation.

Hands-On Support

Our user-friendly interface makes onboarding with Gray Matter easy. We offer tailored support to make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Targeted Analytics

Machine learning and domain specialization/subject matter expertise come together to form teams and develop technology grow with more information sharing. Tested and proven components provide effective integration of services and solutions, offering quality and replicable solutions.

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