February 26, 2022

Case Study: Leading Blue Plan Prioritizes Behavioral Health Services

Tanya Travers

Learn how we help clients identify potential behavioral health issues for early intervention.

Behavioral health care is projected to cost more than $130 billion by 2027, according to Precedence Research. With the general expansion of value-based reimbursement contracts and the specific awareness of mental health’s effect on overall wellness, payors and providers need immediate insights to their members’ and patients’ behavioral health issues.

Insights from advanced analytics can trigger interventions for cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise and nutrition counseling, monitoring via digital tools and more to deter chronic mental health conditions and deteriorating physical health as well as control total cost of care.

Gray Matter Analytics’ solutions for behavioral health include:

  • Prioritization of use cases
  • Application of predictive models
  • Identification of high-value target groups
  • Monitoring of clinical and cost performance trends
  • Strategies and programs that can improve population outcomes and reduce cost of care​