Balu Nair

Vice President, Customer Operations & Support

Balu Nair is a techno-business leader with over 18 years of strategy, design and execution experience.

From conception to execution, his deep understanding of advanced analytics, big data, and emerging technologies helps clients realize their strategic business goals. While advising senior and C-level executives, he leads engagements in strategy, transformation, and information management. His eye for strategy, business, and technology drives revenues, improves profit margins, and enables cost containment.

As the Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Nair leads Gray Matter Analytics’ CoreTechs® Analytics as a Service design and product development. He also supports Gray Matter’s advisory clients in defining the appropriate data architecture to enable business focused analytics capabilities.

Prior to joining Gray Matter Analytics, he was the Director/Head of Analytics Innovation and Personalization at Sears Holdings. He has held other leadership roles with Booz & Company, Sutherland Global Services and BearingPoint.

Mr. Nair holds an MS in Engineering from Wright State University and a Bachelor of Technology from University of Kerala.