July 15, 2019

Core of the Matter – July 2019

Tanya Travers

Company Update

By Sheila Talton


A lot has transpired at Gray Matter Analytics over the past few months. Our powerhouse teams have added more seasoned experts and we’ve completed multiple proof of concept (POC) projects with leading providers and payers where we’ve successfully taken data from disparate sources and made it analytics-ready in under 90 days. We’ve also developed strategic business solutions such as readmissions reduction, value-based purchasing and population health management, with a new solution on that way that provides a view into information on patients and claims for anomaly detection.

Our platform and solutions are effective in responding to today’s healthcare challenges facing providers and payers—rising costs, regulatory challenges, technology advancements, data integrity, non-relational systems and customer experience and satisfaction. By bringing data from disparate solutions together and providing insights that can inform better decisions, we are helping organizations improve their patients’ outcomes, while also managing the cost of care.

Our data and analytics platform, CoreTechs®, is the backbone of our success with its four engines— ingest, transform, insight and present. Our three-pronged approach includes a data services layer that aggregates and integrates disparate data silos; data and analytics solutions for insights on targeted use cases; and advisory services to highlight what the data is “saying” and how to make data insights actionable, and automating overall data governance.

With more and more data-driven requirements cropping up as we move from volume to value, providers and payers are realizing the need to work with partners like Gray Matter, so they can stick to what they do best: care delivery and outcomes.

It’s exciting times at Gray Matter Analytics. While growing a sustainable business, we’re supporting healthcare providers and payers in improving the quality of healthcare.