By Carol Flagg | December 24, 2020
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What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? For our December Minutes we have asked our health IT Marketing community to give us thoughts on what health IT marketing might look like in 2021.

Tanya Travers, Vice President of Marketing, Gray Matter Analytics
Twitter: @GrayMatterData

Digital advancements have revolutionized marketing and how we connect with customers. Whether your customers are consumers or B2B, they expect and recognize more personalized marketing tactics like account-based marketing (ABM). ABM has been in existence for quite a while now, with non-healthcare industries reaping its benefits for many years.

For 2021, the accelerated shift to ABM in the healthcare industry is going to be a significant one. With customers looking for more personalized experiences, Health IT companies implementing an effective ABM strategy will cultivate stronger relationships with customers and ensure more successful marketing outcomes in the coming year.

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