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Sheila Talton

President & Chief Executive Officer


Sheila Talton is an innovative business and market builder with a solid track record fueled by expertise as a multi-faceted technology leader, "Big Data" strategist/business manager and specialist in emerging markets and global partner networks. Ms. Talton's pedigree includes significant tenures at many organizations that have pioneered the current technology environment (Cisco Systems, EDS, Ernst & Young) as well as founding a consultancy that was an early leader in communications network integration. Built significant businesses both within large enterprises and as independent start-ups, as well as new markets for companies moving into emerging countries.

Ms. Talton brings distinctive grounding in a range of technologies required to understand and fully exploit the uses of Big Data/cloud computing and SaaS services in multiple vertical markets. Her technology experiences includes technology infrastructures, Big Data, data warehouse, data architecture, application software, knowledge management, networking and professional services .

Career milestones: Built Advisory Services Consulting Practice for Cisco Systems into a global, profitable organization. First Cisco executive to build Cisco's China, Brazilian and Mexico's globalization strategy, including private/public partnerships with the Chinese, Brazilian and Mexican governments. Created a $6 billion Solutions Consulting practice for EDS. Identified as a pioneer in the network integration consulting business as CEO of Unisource Systems.

Specialties: Big Data/data analytics Strategists and General Manager. Public/Private Partnerships in emerging markets, building services around product portfolios to extend product life cycles and protect profit margins and corporate governance.