February 11, 2018

Use Case: Actionable Measures to Unlock Hospital Performance

Sheila Talton

Regional Medical System
Industry – Healthcare

Client – Large Integrated Health System
Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) speeds identification of actionable measures to unlock quality and performance, starting with hospital acquired infection.

Healthcare executives need actionable measures within reach of their budget that are locally relevant and predictive, not just recent or timely. HSHS decided to test the Gray Matter Analytics approach starting with hospital acquired infections.

Within weeks, Gray Matter Analytics performed multivariate analysis and was able to show that employee turnover, patient satisfaction, and halogen scores predict hospital acquired infection rates.

Gray Matter Analytics is deploying end-to-end analytics with a solution that reduces complexity and optimizes performance using real-world insights and predictive outcomes to introduce industry standard taxonomies, data dictionaries, and models that close overlaps and data gaps with the CoreTechs® analytics solution. CoreTechs® develops insights from multivariate analyses at a patient, population, and condition level available across a healthcare enterprise.