December 18, 2019

Core of the Matter – December 2019

Tanya Travers

Company Update

By Sheila Talton


As we move toward the end of the year, we at Gray Matter are proud of our many achievements. In the last 90 days, we have signed three new customers to deliver on proofs of concept that cover both Advisory Services and CoreTechs® solutions. We are making significant headway in bringing our services and solutions to progressive healthcare organizations across the country.

Several of the new Gray Matter solutions being rolled out include patient leakage analysis, physician scorecards and member targeting and outreach. We are deploying these solutions to leading provider, payer and related markets. Our strong team of engineers and data scientists, working hand in hand with product experts and seasoned business development professionals, are supporting this continued development of solutions.

CoreTechs® remains the backbone of our success with its four engines, solving business problems that include the following: Prevent loss of revenue and quality from patient leakage; Improve quality of care and outcomes; Predict reimbursements from Medicare/Medicaid; Segment population to identify cost and risk; and Enable clinicians to intervene with actionable data.

In the past, data needed to be sent to third parties to be able to extract analytics and insights. However, more often than not, the data would never be returned to the owner. With our ability to install CoreTechs® in our customers’ cloud environments – AWS, Azure and Google, there is no longer a need to send data out of the organization. This provides peace of mind and keeps data secure.

We continue to work toward our goal of transforming healthcare through analytics-driven insights. Our approach can be summed up in the following:

Integrate and aggregate data on CoreTechs® platform hosted on Gray Matter’s or our customers’ cloud environments

Use analytics solutions to predict costs and manage insurance contracts: Medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurers

Provide advisory services to support administrative and clinical staff in the adoption of solutions

We are grateful for 2019 and the successes and opportunities the year has brought us. And, we are eagerly anticipating what 2020 has in store for us. Lastly, we’d like to wish you a peaceful holiday season and a good year ahead!