March 6, 2017

Analytics: The Keys to Achieving Healthcare Value

Sheila Talton

Imagine someone who keeps adding sand to a sand pile without any visible consequence, until suddenly the entire pile crumbles. It would be foolish to blame the collapse on the last grain of sand rather than the structure of the pile, but in healthcare, that’s exactly what we do.

This whitepaper explores how many of healthcare’s problems stem from a foundation never designed for modern medicine. By rebuilding our delivery system now; new infrastructure, processes and data capabilities can accommodate required foundational analytics – those based on quality and care, not hype and unfulfilled promise.

This white paper serves to provide a brief history of the costs and programs which led us to our current healthcare environment; it explains what “value-based care” actually entails and the processes, technologies, and analytics required to enable this new model through various stages of adoption and risk.

You will learn:

  • How modern insurance and healthcare delivery came together
  • Where we’re at today – On the path to quality and efficiency
  • How fee-for-service misaligned incentives are being offset by the goals of Triple Aim
  • Structurally – what is needed to ease the transition to value-based care
  • How data analytics unlocks value and fuels emerging payment model initiatives