Leading clinical and technological innovator brings deep clinical knowledge and wealth of experience in value-based care

CHICAGO, Ill., October 26Gray Matter Analytics, a leading healthcare analytics solutions provider, today announced that Roy Smythe, MD has joined the company as Senior Medical Adviser. Dr. Smythe brings over 25 years of deep clinical knowledge and a wealth of experience in leading clinical and technological innovation programs supporting integrated health systems in their transition to value‐based care.

“Dr. Smythe will be instrumental to our development team in building the necessary components in our solution that will support and encourage providers to adopt a proactive approach to utilizing analytics and technology, so they can manage the industry-wide transition to value-based care successfully,” said Sheila Talton, President and CEO of Gray Matter Analytics. “By converting data into insights, healthcare organizations will be able to manage business risks as a routine strategy to contain costs, boost revenue and maximize quality.”

Dr. Smythe joins a powerhouse management team at Gray Matter Analytics. Executive leadership boasts a strong group of senior executives with significant experience in healthcare, technology, consulting and business development. Dr. Smythe is currently the Chief Medical Officer for the Global Connected Care & Healthcare Informatics (CC&HI) business group of Philips. Prior to Philips, he held the position of Chief Medical Officer at Valence Health, a U.S.‐
based value‐based care technology and service provider, and was formerly Chief Medical Officer at Avia, a provider‐led healthcare technology accelerator – both based in Chicago. As a former surgeon, biomedical investigator and health system and medical school leader he is also the author of more than 300 papers, abstracts, and essays in academic, literary, and humanities, and is an invited lecturer in local, regional, national and international academic, business and technology forums.

“We have been running healthcare organizations and practicing medicine using structures and processes largely unchanged over the past several decades. Adopting a proactive approach – leveraging data and analytics to support business decisions and utilizing business intelligence and clinical analytics on a routine basis are major unmet needs of the provider market,” said Dr. Smythe. “Gray Matter Analytics equips health systems with tools to gain insights from disparate data sources to inform better decision-making, achieve positive outcomes and increase operational efficiency. From these evidence-based insights, Gray Matter develops recommendations, predictive and prescriptive analytics that enable healthcare organizations to reduce costs, increase returns and ultimately improve the quality of care delivery.” He added, “I am excited to work with such a talented team to simplify and support the evolution of analytics.”

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Powered by leading-edge cloud-native technology, Gray Matter Analytics provides breakthrough insights that ensure healthcare organizations are performing at peak efficiency. We’ve simplified the analytics evolution for healthcare organizations, enabling them to manage business risk as a routine strategy to contain costs, boost revenue and maximize quality. Our CoreTechs® platform supports scalable solutions that transform providers and payers into insights-driven enterprises to help them succeed in a value-based care environment. For more information, visit graymatteranalytics.com.

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