Your Cloud Platform To Power Healthcare 2.0

Combining the on-demand benefits of cloud computing with the knowledge empowerment of data analytics, our Analytics as a Service, CoreTechs™, enables healthcare organizations to quickly structure their data around their evolving business needs.

Our easy-to-implement, embeddable workflows drive better outcomes and sustainable healthcare systems through:

  • Accelerated financial, operational and clincial benefits. Why wait months for results?

  • Flexible, adaptive approaches to new care models and patient-centric services.

  • The most cost effective approach to advanced analytics capabilities.

CoreTechs healthcare Analytics as a Service platform


Dynamic Analytics Platform

Dynamic Analytics Platform

CoreTechs provides the foundation to power transformational healthcare apps and services. Flexible frameworks are designed to quickly scale with changes in healthcare regulation, operations, and technology. Secure standard protocols accommodate enterprise strength information privacy and encryption.





Healthcare Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service

Cost effective, pre-built components accelerate data-insight time-to-value. Benefits to advanced analytics are seen in weeks, not months. Out of the box data connectors, models, and visualization tools offer fast workflow integration.

Cost Effective


Pre-Built Components


Targeted Healthcare Analytics

Targeted Analytics

Machine learning and domain specialization/SME come together to make teams and technology grow smarter with ever more information sharing. Tested and proven components provide effective integration of services and solutions, offering quality and replicable solutions. 


Specialized Knowledge




Our platform turns ordinary data into extraordinary value.


Begin with what you already have

Gather data from multiple source systems. Clean, dirty, structured, unstructured.

Make available for use

Ready data for CoreTechs analytics engines.

Transform data into insight

Combine data in new ways.


Accelerate data-driven innovation with on-demand analytics, dashboards, insights.

Stay agile

Anticipate industry,  regulation, technology and customer change.


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