Predict the impact of regulations and minimize future disruption while improving member satisfaction and engagement

Advisory Services

Data-driven management services that optimize data and analytics capabilities and organizational infrastructure to support companies’ business objectives and goals.

Data and Management Capabilities

Data and Management Capabilities

Partner with an expert team to develop data and management capabilities to support business priorities and achieve target outcomes.

Holistic Evaluation

Holistic Evaluation

Apply a holistic approach to evaluate an organization enterprise-wide, using data from disparate sources, to determine capabilities objectively.

Gap Identification

Gap Identification

Utilize robust data and analytics capabilities to uncover gaps in clinical performance, operations and care delivery. 

Organizational Needs

Gray Matter Analytics' Advisory Services enable healthcare executives to:

Operational Efficiency

Optimize outcomes and operational efficiency

Payers need to use data to provide insights toward better provider network and member management, influence behaviors and increase member satisfaction and engagement.

Manage Regulatory Uncertainty

Manage regulatory uncertainty

With the dynamic nature of healthcare regulatory controls, payers need to be able to predict the impact of new regulations and minimize future disruption operationally and financially.

Leverage Data & Analytics

Leverage data and analytics to support business decisions

Payers need to optimize their data and analytics capabilities to strengthen member engagement and satisfaction, maximize financial return and improve outcomes.

Advisory Services

Data and Analytics Strategy

The goal is to transform the way organizations conduct business, geared toward delivering significant performance gains. We help organizations develop a robust and insights-driven data and analytics strategy that will ultimately become a major competitive differentiator.

Analytics Organizational Models Design and Implementation

We developed our own organizational models and framework to help healthcare organizations optimize analytics throughout the organization. They help our clients determine how best to organize analytics efforts within the organization and what core analytics processes the organization must support.

Master Data Management Strategy

We help healthcare organizations simplify resource descriptions and provides vocabularies to link contexts by helping them develop an effective Metadata Strategy and unlock the value of their data.

Data and Analytics Architecture

The challenge is to bring the two paradigms together: unified information management and rapid-cycle analytics. We work with healthcare organizations to build or reinforce their data and analytics architecture as this expertise is not usually present in their existing resources.

Data Governance Strategy and Implementation

We partner with healthcare organizations to help them not only develop a triple-aim focused data governance strategy, but also to implement this strategy with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Data and Analytics Maturity Assessment

We partner with healthcare organizations to help them not only develop a triple-aim focused data governance strategy, but also to implement this strategy with minimal disruption to existing operations.

CoreTechs® Analytics Payer Solutions

Payer/Provider Data Exchanges

We can help both provider and payer groups integrate data from disparate sources, accessible on one platform. Both groups can share data and more importantly draw insights to improve outcomes and reduce cost of care.

Quality Metrics Management

Our Measure Library enables healthcare organizations to choose specific quality measures that are relevant to them and compare themselves to their cohort on their specific set of measures aimed at providing effective, safe, efficient patient-centered, equitable and timely care.

Network Performance Analytics

A high-performance network requires improved transparency between payers and providers. We equip healthcare teams with actionable insights to reveal opportunities around cost savings, utilization management, network optimization, and physician performance.

Value-Based Payment Analytics

We capture data from clinical, financial and operations sources to not only describe what has transpired, but also to predict what needs to be done to maximize value-based reimbursements. This supports data-driven decision making and insights-driven analysis.