Sheila Talton Shares Advice for Aspiring BLC

Sheila Talton, president and CEO of Gray Matter Analytics and a 2009 Business Leader of Color honoree, recently connected with Chicago United. She spoke about trends that are affecting her industry and shared advice for those aspiring to be included in upcoming Business Leaders of Color (BLC) publications.  

What do you consider to be the key trends that have emerged in business over the past three years? What trends are you watching now?
Trends of the last three years and trends that I am watching now continue to focus on how technology is disrupting all industries and how many companies are not prepared to disrupt themselves.
How would you describe the last three years of your professional life?
The last three years of my professional life have been fast paced and exciting with building the technology company that I founded, Gray Matter Analytics.
What is your next big challenge?
My next big challenge and what I want to influence are tightly connected and that is access to equity capital for women and people of color. 
What advice would you give to those aspiring to be included in the BLC publication in the future?
My recommendation to others who would like to become a BLC is to be purposeful about their careers. Purposeful means to plan the steps carefully and moves that will get them to their end goal. Many people spend more time planning where to go to dinner than thinking about what are the appropriate career moves are and how to position themselves to accomplish their career goals.