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Tim McGuire

Lead UX/UI Designer


Tim has over 10+ years experience in user experience design (UXD). He's successfully created design solutions centered around the users way of thinking and doing.

He is interested in empathizing with people; how they think, behave and make choices. With a unique ability and passion for creative problem solving which allows him to bring user-centered experiences to life.

Tim does does this by creating simple, consistent, unique and engaging UI/UX designs with careful IT collaboration, and an entrepreneurial business knowledge.

"One should not underestimate the power of a great user experience design solution. A great user experience can increase all business metrics and bring more value to your company’s brand and the products being offered."

Throughout his career Tim has delivered solutions in several industries including Education, Financial Services, Auto, Food Services and Healthcare. This gives him a strong grasp of the state of the internet and allows him to create solutions for the future.