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Healthcare Analytics




What We Do

We’re privileged to work with some of the world’s leading healthcare and financial services companies, and we’re proud of the impact we’ve had on their services, patients,  customers, and the communities they serve.

Our team of driven thought leaders, based in Chicago and San Francisco, offers a fresh perspective on strategy, idea development, and all things data analytics.

We are united in our commitment to delivering measurable outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of analytics to help good people and organizations make the world a better, healthier, and more financially secure place. It's about more than numbers, we build relationships and communities through a shared, collaborative process.

Big data, big change, if your passion is like ours, let's (re)light that fire together.


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Our Culture

The new normal is a client who expects a level of service that only a motivated employee can give.

But like any team, we’re constantly searching for the best ways to recruit talent, get the most out of our talent, then keep our talent from jumping ship.

Invariably, we come back to one thing as our secret sauce: Our Culture.

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Our culture is special. We’re helping some of the world’s largest companies digitally transform. We simply couldn’t do it without a special culture.
— Sheila Talton, Founder